Why Are Essential Oils Expensive ?

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We wrote a few words previously on how our essential oil blends are created here and are often asked why the oils are expensive. Generally speaking, it is more expensive to extract essential oil than it is to create a synthetic replica of the fragrance. This blog talks about the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils. Whilst the synthetic version may smell the same and trigger emotions through the fragrance, they doesn't provide the same benefits to us that the essential oil give. 

Our essential oils are highly concentrated, unlike some essential oils which claim to be 'pure' but are only 5% essential oil plus base oil. To compare to price of the two you would need to multiply the price of a diluted essential oil by 15 to 18.

As mentioned earlier, essential oils are not cheap. Some essential oils are eye wateringly expensive. At the time of writing this blog, Rose Absolute was £3,500/kg, Jasmin Absolute £5,500/kg and Neroli Oil £2,500/kg. Three of our essential oil blends contain these essential oils and, whilst the percentage of these essential oils may not be high, it doesn't take much of the oil to have a big impact on the price of the essential oil blend.

We hope that this blog gives an insight to the price of essential oils and how the cost of one ingredient can have a huge impact on the price. As with fragrance oils, it is all down to personal preference. The price of the ingredients do not necessarily  dictate how much you will like the finished scent, although we do love our essential oil blends as they are very different to fragrance oils.

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