Autumn Wonderland Fragrance Oil Review

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'When we selected our initial fragrance oils we tried to pick something for everyone. We chose several outdoor fragrances to cover autumn, winter and Christmas, right through to spring.

Here are the fragrance notes: 

Top notes of crushed autumn leaves, black currant, sweet orange and grapefruit, mid notes of juicy raspberry and clove bud on a base of creamy nutmeg, cedar, sandalwood and light patchouli

This fragrance makes us think of cool autumn air in woods or an orchard. It is citrusy, green, fresh and fruity in an outdoors kind of way. The citrus and fruit blend well so its fresh, fruity citrus rather than a zesty citrus. The woody base notes are quite light giving body and longevity but in a supporting role, this isn’t a woody fragrance, its more fresh and green. The overall scent reminds us of fresh apples, even though the fragrance notes don't mention apples. This is an unusual fragrance you need to try for yourself. I would be interested to see how you describe it.

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