Tinsel Town Fragrance Oil Review

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This is one of those fragrance oils where the name tells you that its Christmas focussed but deosnt really tell you much else so we've burnt the melt and given it a good sniff.

Here are the fragrance notes:

A citrus fragrance oil with top notes of grapefruit and sparkling lemon, mid notes of orchard fruit and cinnamon sticks on a base of tonka bean, fruity musk and vanilla bean

This is a lovely citrus, fruity fragrance. The first notes that we pick up are the grapefruit and lemon which are mouth-wateringly realistic. The orchard fruits blend nicely with the citrus to make a mellow out the fragrance giving a nice autumn / winter vibe. There is a hint of spice coming from the cinnamon but its more in the background and doesn't dominate at all. The base notes of tonka bean, musk and vanilla add some body the fragrance but they don’t make it sickly or heavy.  Cheryl thinks that this fragrance has an almost perfume note to it. I would sum this up as a gorgeous, full bodied, fruity fragrance. Don’t let the cinnamon put you off if you are not a spice lover.

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