Sugar Cookies Fragrance Oil Review

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This is going to be a straightforward review as this fragrance oil does exactly what it says on the tin.

The fragrance notes are: 

Top notes of buttery baked cookies and vanilla, mid notes of coconut and icing sugar and base notes of vanilla bean and warm amber

 We made the melts up at 8% in soy wax then melted in a tealight warmer in a large open plan room. This is a lovely gourmand fragrance. It is strong but doesn’t knock your head off as some fragrances can do. It is sweet and buttery but not sickly. It has lovely vanilla notes, just like home made biscuits or shortbread. We couldn’t pick out the coconut notes, they just add to the overall fragrance. Don’t be afraid to order this if you are not fond of coconut. This fragrance oil smells exactly like errrr..... sugar cookies

Sugar cookies fragrance oil could be used all year round. It is a great addition to your bakery collection. It can be used as Christmas cookies for Santa or in a Scottish collection for a shortbread. 

Link to Oil

Try the wax melt here

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