Cactus Blossom Fragrance Oil Review

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We were testing new fragrance oils and we were short of floral fragrances so we were eager to test cactus blossom fragrance oil in the late summer of 2022.  We loved it and ordered it immediately.

Here are the fragrance notes:

Top notes of cactus flower and rose followed by mid notes of jasmine, coconut and tonka rounded off with base notes of vanilla, petigrain and amber.

We added 8g of oil to 100g Golden wax soy 494 then melted a 7.5g piece of the wax melt in an open plan room. 

As soon as this fragrance starts to melt there is an unusual fresh floral fragrance with no individual prominent notes. It manages to be strong without being overpowering while still being very fresh. The opening fragrance notes were definitely floral but we couldn’t pick out the rose or jasmine. The coconut doesn’t stand out as a fragrance note but does lend a rounded, slightly tropical vibe to the fragrance. There is a hint of sweetness and a touch of vanilla but the vanilla isn’t obvious and doesn't overpower the floral notes, it is definitely a floral fragrance and not a gourmand fragrance. There is a slight woody note but its light and fresh, slightly earthy and mossy. We would describe this as a fresh outdoor floral, very natural but strong. The scent carries a long way and lingers a long time after the burner has gone out. It filled our ground floor and up the stairs to the first floor. 

To write this review we melted a quarter of one of our wax melt flower bars, approximately 7.5g in a bedroom 4 x 4 m. We did this as we wanted to compare it to other scents we currently stock and new fragrance oils that we were testing. We forgot to completely close the door and it quickly filled the landing with scent and travelled up to the second floor. In a room this size we found it filled the room very quickly and a smaller piece of wax could have been used or the wax melt made with 7g of oil to 100g of wax or possibly less. The scent was still very strong in this room the following day. Florals are not our usual ‘go to’ fragrances but we love this one. If florals are not your thing, this beauty may convert you. 

This fragrance oil would be great as part of a floral collection or as part of a tropical, exotic summer holiday collection.

 You can try the wax melt here

 The fragrance oil is here

 Our floral fragrance oils are here

 Our summer fragrance oils are here

See the IFRA  50 on the fragrance oil listing for maximum concentration for each product category.

All of our fragrance oils and essential oil blends are vegan, cruelty free, lilial free, Phthalate free, Paraben free, silicone free, PEG free, Acrylate free, free of Nitro and Polycyclic Musk. 

If you would like 5kg or more of this fragrance oil, please get in touch for prices.

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