Caramel Fragrance Oil

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Here are the fragrance notes for Caramel :

A sweet and smooth indulgent fragrance with top notes of bergamot and sugar, mid notes of caramel allspice and truffle finishing with base notes of vanilla, cream and amber

We tend to be more woody/incense/mystical fragrance lovers and didnt think that caramel would be for us.  We thought it would be mild caramel and sweet but it is so much more than our expectations.

Its lovely strong dark toffee / cinder toffee type fragrance or the brittle top of a creme brulee where the burnt sugar sauce meets the creamy body. This is a smooth, sweet fragrance oil.  It is buttery, creamy and a lovely rich toffee caramel flavour.  The sugar and caramel come through.  The allspice is very much a background note and the base notes of vanilla and cream give this a luxurious smoothness.

Its a fragrance oil that really does give you the munchies.

This would work well as a Halloween / bonfire themed fragrance oil but is equally good as an all year gourmand fragrance.

Link to the Oil

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