Key Lime Pie Review

Key Lime Pie Review

Posted by andrew sanderson on

Key Lime Pie Fragrance Oil

Here are the fragrance notes:

"Top notes of key lime, bergamot and meyer lemon, mid notes of mandarin, sugarcane and whipped marshmallow finishing with vanilla bean and pie crust accord"

We bought this as it's not one of your normal off the shelf oils in the UK.  I'll start by saying that the thought of this fragrance whilst writing this review is making my mouth water - the memories of the oil are so strong. 

The key players here, as you would expect, are the citrus elements.  They blend together to give that citrus hit.  The whipped marshmallw gives a sweetness and roundness to the oil with the vanilla giving hints of the custard.  The pie crust accord does exactly as you would expect and adds to the bakery/gourmand fragrance.

You can really tell this is a quality fragrance oil, the layers of flavour are lush. If you like bakery scents, this is to die for.

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