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We've had a few questions asked about our cannabis flower fragrance oil so it was next into the burner to give our review.  Fragrance notes are :

Top notes of neroli blossom, eucalyptus leaf and bergamot, mid notes of rose petal, cannabis buds and clove leaf and base notes of ylang-ylang, orris and sheer musk

The only way this will mess with your head is with the complexity and layers of fragrance. The first fragrance that we get is citrus / orange from the neroli and bergamot description but there is so much more to this one. There is then a mix of fragrances that are difficult to unpick.  We both picked out different elements in this one - no one fragrance dominates.  Initially I thought that there was camphor but its the eucalyptus that gives an almost menthol note.  There is a hint of green vegetation - its not heavy, more a light vegetation.  Cheryl picked out a citrus 'Turkish Delight' fragrance which will be the rose.  I could detect a hint of floral too.  The ylang ylang offers a sweetness but doesn't overpower the oil, as it does in some fragrances and the orris rounds off the floral side.  The musk is subtle and is the last element that I picked out of the mix.

This fragrance oil, made up as a melt, will fill a large room - its no shrinking violet

It is floral ?  is it citrus ? its a bit of both but much more than both.  Its a great, fresh fragrance, let down a bit by its name.

Link to Oil

Try the wax melt here


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  • This oil was a real surprise and my absolute favourite! Customers love to to do it’s a win win!

    Sharon P on

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