Sparkling Lights Review

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Here are the fragrance notes for sparkling lights :

A citrus / spice fragrance oil with top notes of Siberian fir, pine and bergamot, mid notes of clove and mandarin, rounded off with cedarwood, amber and sandalwood.

We made this up into soy melts and found that this is a spiced fruity fragrance oil.  The bergamot and mandarin are the first fragrances that you notice, mixed with the spice.  It smells like spiced lemon & mandarin curd.  The fir and pine are there but very much in the background.   The base notes of woods and amber give a smoothness to the mix without dominating.  

This works well as an autumnal fruity fragrance oil as it isn't a summer style 'in your face' all fruit fragrance - more of a laid back fragrance for the cooler seasons.

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