Fragrance Oil Review - Snowman

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Today were reviewing one of our seasonal fragrance oils. We are the only company currently selling this fragrance oil in the UK. Here are the fragrance notes.

A herbal, fresh fragrance with top notes of peppermint, camphor and frozen accord, mid notes of pine, green apple and cornmint finishing with base notes of cedarwood, musk and fir needle

And our thoughts :

The first time we tried this we realised that it is a different fragrance to many that are currently on the market. The peppermint, camphor and cornmint give a freshness and feeling of snow. The pine and apple remind you of the outdoors while the cedarwood further enhances the pine and camphor. Musk adds subtle, gentle base note. This is not a noticeably woody fragrance oil. The top and mid notes are the main players in this fragrance.

Link to Snowman Fragrance Oil

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