Mistletoe Fragrance Oil Review

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The fragrance notes for this oil are 

A green / woody fragrance oil with top notes of orange zest and frozen grapefruit, mid notes of cinnamon leaf, clove bud and plum with base notes of vanilla bean, creamy nutmeng and ambery notes

We have made this up into a wax melt using 8% fragrance oil and soy wax.  

A quick sniff of the wax before burning and the cold throw is the citrus of the top notes, as we would expect.

Upon burning here are our thoughts.

The top notes are subtle and do not dominate.  The citrus is there and adds a touch of freshness to the mix but this fragrance is more about the mid and bottom notes.  The fruitiness of the plum is there but not in your face - it is almost like an apple orchard fragrance.  There are warm spice and woody notes with the vanilla giving a hint of sweetness, combining with the amber to give a rounded smoothness to the fragrance.  

See the fragrance oil on our website - link below

Mistletoe Fragrance Oil

Try the wax melt here

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