Fragrance Oil Review - Oakmoss & Amber

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This is our first blog post on this site.  We plan to use the blog mainly to describe the fragrance oils in our own words after making into melts or candles.  

The fragrance notes supplied are

A sensual mix of fragrances starting with top notes of orange zest, eucalyptus and citron, mid notes of geranium, neroli and cashmere, finishing with base notes of  creamy amber and oakmoss

Here are our thoughts on the overall scent.  Imagine walking through a forest on a cool, fresh day - its that sort of a fragrance.  The citrus notes give freshness but don't  dominate.  The eucalyptus and geranium give a clean green / floral aroma while the cashmere and amber provide a spicy / woodyness.  Oakmoss adds a subtle earthy / mossy element and enhances the amber to provide a rounded well balanced fragrance.  This is not an overpowering fragrance but a gentle outdoors aroma that would work well in any room of the house.

To see the fragrance oil, follow this link

Oakmoss & Amber

Try the wax melt here 

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