Frankincense Fragrance Oil Review

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 Last year we didn’t have a Frankincense fragrance oil so this year we thought we would fix that. This is a mystical, oriental (ambery)  fragrance oil but we didn’t want it too aromatic, too pungent or too earthy. Here are the fragrance notes:

Top notes of apple, lemon, orange, lime, freesia, grapefruit and iced mint. Mid notes of jasmine, blackberry, frankincense, cinnamon and clove bud finishing with base notes of patchouli, myrrh, tonka, amber, vanilla and musk

 We made this up at 8% in soy and melted a 7.5g piece in a large open plan room. We both really love this but its very powerful. We suggest trying a test batch of melts at 7% and candles at 6% as this would still give a good throw. 

Frankincense and Myrrh is aromatic, spicy, earthy and woody and can be too pungent for some people so this blend has floral and fruit notes to balance these two traditional fragrances. The citrus top notes can’t be picked out on their own but they bring a lightness and a freshness to the fragrance. The freesia and jasmine bring lovely floral notes to the fragrance but I wouldn’t describe this as a floral fragrance. The blackberry and vanilla add a little fruitiness and sweetness but you cant pick them out as individual notes, they just help balance the fragrance and build the layers of complexity. The cinnamon and clove bud don’t dominate although there are several spicy notes in the fragrance which add to the mix. We would describe this as a warm, soft, rounded, well balanced frankincense and myrrh fragrance, typical of a Christmas fragrance. It is a powerful fragrance so test at lower concentrations before going to 8%.

Link to the oil

Try the wax melt here


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