Stargazer Lily Fragrance Oil Review

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We knew we needed to stock more floral fragrance oils so we asked to test a selection of new fragrances. Stargazer Lily is one of our new floral fragrance oils. 

We used 8% oil in soy wax and melted a 7.5g piece in a large open plan room. This is a strong fragrance oil but it isn’t overpowering. Here are the fragrance notes: 

Top notes of garden ivy, grapefruit, black currant and freesia followed by mid notes of stargazer lily, narcissus and cyclamen rounded off with base notes of sandalwood, bamboo honey, amber and white musk

 The top notes are a nice blend of fresh green, fruity and floral are not dominated by sweet or citrus notes. The mid notes are the heart of the fragrance. The floral mid notes combine beautifully to create a realistic lily fragrance with notes that smell to us like hints of rose. This must be the combination of narcissus and cyclamen. The base notes are soft and light, warm and rounded. The base notes are quite subtle, the floral notes are the dominant notes in this fragrance oil. Floral fragrances aren’t usually our favourite as they can often smell synthetic and overpowering but we love this one!

Link to the oil

Try the wax melt here

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