Sandalwood & Oakmoss Fragrance Oil Review

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We asked for some masculine fragrance oils, typical of fresh outdoors fougere and chypre categories on the fragrance family wheel but we didn’t want them to smell like aftershave. Luckily we tested a sample of this fragrance oil before seeing the fragrance notes. If we had seen the fragrance notes first we may have dismissed this thinking it was going to be heavy and woody.

 Here are the fragrance notes: 

Top notes of lime, rosemary, cinnamon, almond and freesia. Mid notes of rose geranium, muguet, dark rum and leather rounded off with base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, cedarwood, opoponax , labdanum resin, amber and vanilla

We can’t pick out any of the top notes individually, they smell like a fresh version of baby powder which will be the freesia and lime. This is such a well blended, well balanced oil that we struggled to pick out the mid notes individually. It is much fresher than we would have expected from the fragrance containing dark rum and leather. The rum is smooth and adds warmth. It doesn't overpower the fragrance oil. The base notes come over as fresh and woody. The opoponax, labdanum resin, amber and vanilla add a layer of smooth sophistication with no one note dominating. Patchouli can sometimes be overpowering  in this mix but it adds to the complexity of this fragrance in a more subtle way. 

We sent samples out to an number of customers and this was a very popular fragrance with most describing it as fresh outdoors but suitable for male bath and body products as well as home fragrance. Please check the IFRA statement on the fragrance listing for maximum permissible percentage in these different products.

Link to the fragrance oil

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