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We have been asked if we provide free CLP labels and the short answer is no, we don't.

We decided not to provide free CLP labels because the reality is that free CLP labels are not free. When you cost up a candle you factor in the wax, fragrance oil, wick, container, dye, packaging, shipping and your time. The same is true for fragrance oil or any other product - all components have to be costed in.

CLP labels for wax melts and candles are not difficult to create. All of the information needed is in the CLP PDF that is attached to each of our fragrance oils. Our new fragrance oils come with an SDS @ X% rather than a CLP. The SDS contains much more information but the CLP information is easily extracted. We wrote a blog on this which can be found here. Avery have a template that you can use to make the task even easier.

Each CLP supplier uses a different template, different fonts and different layouts which means that rather than having uniform CLP labels across your products your labels will differ, depending on the fragrance oil supplier.

When CLP in a non hazardous base (eg wax) is created, the precautionary statements are generated by the system and do not take into account the intended use of the product. Precautionary statements such as "Avoid breathing dust/fume/gas/mist/vapours/spray" could cause concern to a customer if seen on a wax melt CLP but this statement is not relevant to wax melts, made to the percentage shown in the IFRA document. Equally, “Dispose of contents and / or container in accordance with local regulations” only applies to commercial waste. As the wax melts are intended for home use, this would not apply. These phrases are, in some cases, added to CLP labels as the software taking the information from a generic CLP takes the information without applying common sense to the choice of statements. This can lead to confusion with your customers.

Once you have created a CLP label and saved it to your computer there is no real time overhead in printing additional sheets when they are needed. We use Maestro label designer which is free if you buy your labels from online labels. We have a standard layout on a template and simply populate with this with text and pictograms relevant to each fragrance oil.

We feel that it is useful to have an understanding of the information needed on a CLP label. It is part of your business so is something that you should be comfortable with. To help with this we requested that an online CLP training course was put together and we were involved in the creation of this training course. We now have the video for this training course and offer it free to our facebook group members 

If you want to create your own CLP label and want to check that all of the information is there and it is accurate, feel free to ask in our friendly facebook group.

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