Gilded Rose Fragrance Oil Review

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We needed more floral fragrance oils but we were looking for a scent that was new to the UK market, something a little different. When we tested gilded rose we fell in love with it, so did all of our fragrance testers. 

Here are the fragrance notes:

Top notes of bitter orange, leafy greens, Calabrian bergamot and black currant, mid notes of gilded rose, white jasmine and violet leaves rounded off with base notes of patchouli, sandalwood and golden amber.

As usual we added 8g of fragrance oil to 100g golden wax soy 494 then melted a 7.5g piece of the wax melt in an open plan room. 

Once the wax starts to melt there is the most gorgeous, very natural, luxurious rose smell. The fragrance is just like a newly opened rose crushed a little to release more of the fragrance. There is a  slightly green aroma which smells just like freshly crushed foliage. This fragrance oil is so natural smelling and so luxurious. When we asked our testers for their thoughts, they all agreed with our thoughts on the fragrance. This is very different to our rose quartz fragrance oil, different enough for you to stock both fragrances. We didn't notice the other components in this fragrance as individual notes but it has depth of fragrance and complexity. The woods round off the fragrance whilst the floral notes suport the rose fragrance. The fragrance carried well throughout our open plan home and was strong but in a nice way, this is a quality, well balanced and well rounded fragrance oil. It does contain small amounts of natural oils which help to deliver a  realistic and natural smelling rose fragrance oil.

A gold dipped rose is a symbol of ever lasting love; a way of making the flower last forever as a permanent reminder and symbolism of love. Giving roses is an expression of love so this fragrance oil is perfect for valentines day, to celebrate an engagement, wedding or anniversaries. This would sit perfectly in any floral or romantic collection and would work well as wedding favours.

Our other rose fragrance are:

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Gilded rose fragrance oil can be used in reed diffusers, linen spray, room spray, soap etc. See the IFRA 50 document on the fragrance oil listing for details.

You can try the wax melt here

The fragrance oil is here


All of our fragrance oils and essential oil blends are vegan, cruelty free, lilial free, Phthalate free, Paraben free, silicone free, PEG free, Acrylate free, free of Nitro and Polycyclic Musk. 

If you would like 5kg or more of this fragrance oil, please get in touch for prices.

If you have tried this fragrance oil please pop a review on the website listing for the fragrance oil or share your thoughts in our  Facebook group

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