Hayride Fragrance Oil Review

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Hayride fragrance oil is a hidden gem. This fragrance oil was initially overlooked until a customer tried it and shared their comments. This is now a popular fragrance - please don’t let the photo on the website put you off trying it. Here are the fragrance notes:

The fragrance of freshly cut hay with a hint of freshly cut grass with top notes of golden pear and juicy nectarine, mid notes of ivy geranium, sweet hay accord and green sage finishing with base notes of cashmere woods, flint, vetiver and vanilla 

When we smell this fragrance we are transported back to being outdoors at harvest time on a lovely warm summers day. This is a softer fragrance but it still carries well and fills two floors of our large open plan home.

This fragrance oil has gentle fruity notes complimented by fresh cut grass, fresh cut hay and we think it smells like fresh cut straw too. Maybe this is the soft notes of juicy ripe pear we are smelling? The sage and ivy geranium are well blended, we can’t pick them out as individual notes. The base notes give the fragrance body and longevity, we could smell this fragrance the next morning after we melted it. The base notes are not overpowering, this is a lovely smooth fragrance. The vetiver adds a little earthiness but its subtle. The vetiver doesn't make this a masculine fragrance. The vanilla helps round off the sweetness but we couldn’t pick it out on its own; this isn’t a vanilla fragrance. The fragrance isn't sweet in the way a sweet shop fragrance is sweet. The sweetness comes from ripe pear and nectarine. 

This is a really unusual fragrance, one you must try. We have been asked if this is okay for hay fever sufferers. As the fragrance oil doesn’t contain any pollen it will not cause hay fever.

This fragrance oil is suitable for reed diffusers and room sprays in accordance with IFRA 49, see document on the listing for details.

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