Rosemary & Bay Fragrance Oil Review

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This was one of the fragrance oils that we bought to add to our popular herbal / botanical range. We wanted something that was realistic and not chemical smelling and we are really pleased with the oil that we now stock. This fragrance oil contains small amounts of natural oil for an authentic fragrance experience, see the SDS for details. Here are the fragrance notes: 

Top notes of gala apple, Mediterranean lemon, Tuscan rosemary and bay leaves. Mid notes of lavender, jasmine, lily of the valley and carnation resting on base notes of fir needle, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla and musk

 We made the melts with our usual recipe of soy wax with 8% fragrance oil. As the melts starts to warm you get a lovely realistic rosemary and bay smell. The herbs are balanced nicely by the apple which gives a nice roundness but is not sweet. The lemon is subtly blended, it doesn’t make this a zesty fragrance but adds to the complexity. The fragrance at this stage is like being outside with the hot sun shining on rosemary and bay plants, evaporating the essential oils into the air. This fragrance is strong but its not as pungent or as flat as the smell you would get by chopping rosemary for cooking. We couldn’t pick out the individual floral mid notes, these blend well to add a layer of complexity and dimension to the fragrance. After a while you begin to smell the base notes. The fir needle produces a gorgeous pine fragrance to compliment the other herbs. The combination of patchouli, vetiver and musk add woody, earthy notes with a hint of spice. We couldn’t pick out the vanilla on its own, it balances the other notes without dominating and adds a touch of smoothness. The fragrance at this stage makes us think of being sat outside in the shade on a sunny day. We find this a very relaxing, calming and soothing fragrance oil but yet invigorating at the same time. Perhaps this is because it evokes memories of warm summer days; relaxing in the garden or enjoying our holidays. If you want a natural smelling herbal fragrance then you must give this a try. 

This is suitable for making reed diffusers and room sprays in accordance with IFRA 50 (see document on the fragrance listing). 

Buy a wax melt sample here.

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