Pillow Spray / Room Spray - What Is The Difference ?

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A room spray and pillow spray may be made from the same fragrance oil and base but they are different categories in the IFRA document due to how they are used. Room sprays are sprayed in the room to boost the existing fragrance or to fresen up the room whereas pillow spray is sprayed onto the pillow, usually to help you relax and aid sleep. Room sprays are not generally applied to surfaces but pillow spray is applied to the sheets / pillow and therefore has direct skin contact. IFRA category 10A covers some non cosmetic, skin contact products eg laundry products, household cleaning products, fabric treatment sprays and reed diffusers. Category 10B covers animal sprays, air fresheners and insecticides. The maximum concentration of fragrance oil for 10A products is often lower than for 10B due to skin contact.  

An example below shows the different maximum percentages for White Sage & Lavender which can be used effectively as a room spray but has a low permissible percentage as a pillow spray



If you are using a hazardous base for your product remember that you will need a combined CLP label creating so both sets of hazards are showing on your product label.          


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