Vanilla Bean Orchid Fragrance Oil Review

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We were looking for new fragrance oils and asked for a vanilla that wasn’t a gourmand (food or sweetie) style fragrance. We chose vanilla bean orchid.

Here are the fragrance notes: 

Top notes of lime, almond blossoms and freesia. Mid notes of  vanilla bean orchid, pink jasmine and heliotrope florette rounded off with base notes of sandalwood, coconut, amber, vanilla and musk

 This is a soft, floral oriental (ambery) fragrance.  We didn’t want a flat fragrance of just vanilla notes but wanted the fragrance to be predominantly vanilla without being sweet or spiced. This fragrance oil fits the brief perfectly! This is a subtle fragrance that doesn't strike us as strong but it carries well through the house and up to the first floor. The floral and lime top notes are very subtle, they stop the vanilla being too cloying and balance it nicely. The mid notes are the heart of a fragrance and this is very true in this case. You might think at first this is just vanilla but you can smell the subtle floral notes through the vanilla. The base notes of sandalwood, amber and musk balance the vanilla without being too heavy, they don’t dominate. This is not a woody fragrance. We couldn’t pick the coconut out as a note on its own so if you don’t like coconut, don’t let this put you off trying this oil. 

If you like vanilla fragrances our other vanilla fragrance oils are sandalwood & vanilla, sweetest taboo, treacle tart, sugar cookies and black vanilla (orchid) which is a little more floral.

Link to the oil

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