Black Vanilla (Orchid) Fragrance Oil Review

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One of our customers requested a floral oriental (ambery) fragrance oil and we thought this was a good idea. Here are the fragrance notes: 

Top notes of calabrian bergamot, cardamom and black diamond apple, mid notes of Turkish rose, jasmine, sweet violet, muguet and clove leaf. Rounded off with base notes of black vanilla, cedar, amber,  creamy sandalwood and sheer musk

The top notes are rounded and soft, with a hint of apple and cardamom which is not too sweet and not too sharp. The mid notes are a clever blend of florals, almost magical, just as we asked for. The woods give a subtle strength to the scent. The amber and sheer musk  are soft and rounded, smooth with a hint of sweetness like you would find in fresh hay. The test sample was a little strong on the vanilla so we had the fragrance reformulated with less vanilla. The vanilla is now well balanced and doesn't overpower the fragrance mix. This is a strong fragrance which carries well through the house but it isn’t overpowering. This fragrance oil could be the new stardust - a must have if you like floral oriental (ambery) or mystical fragrances.

Link to the oil

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