Non Hazardous Reed Diffuser Base

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Since the reclassification of Augeo Clean Multi as CMR (carcinogenic, mutagenic, reprotoxic) we have had a lot of questions about how to use our non hazardous reed diffuser base to make reed diffusers, car air fresheners and vacuum disks. 
Our reed diffuser base is non hazardous which means that means there are no warnings, pictograms to add to your CLP. You use the up to 25% CLP for the fragrance oil, or create the CLP from the oil 25% SDS for the fragrance oil
CLP percentage is calculated w/w (weight by weight) so you weigh the oil and the diffuser base. This is due to base oil and the different fragrance oils having different specific gravities. We suggest testing at between 14 to 20% fragrance oil, balance diffuser base. If you were using 20% you would weigh 20g oil and 80g diffuser base so in every 100g of the finished mixture you would have 20g oil.
To save you checking IFRA documents for reed diffuser friendly fragrance oils we have made a list of our fragrance oils that are reed diffuser friendly and the maximum concentration of oil you can use according to the IFRA document. The IFRA document for each oil is on the oil listing. Open the IFRA and look at category 10A. 

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