Lemon Fragrance Oil Review

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Fresh lemon and salt is great for cleaning and deodorising items in the kitchen so we asked our fragrance oil manufacturer for a fragrance oil that would be good for cooking and bathroom odours. After testing we are happy to say they nailed the brief! Here are the fragrance notes: 

Top notes of ginger gold apple, millsweet lemon, lemongrass, golden grapefruit, citrus peel and orange followed by mid notes of freesia, lemon-geranium and ginger blossoms rounded off with sweet cinnamon, white clove bud and  sheer musk. 

This is a mouth watering citrus blast! It is so fresh and clean. This should not be a surprise as it contains several natural oils in small amounts for an authentic smell, see the SDS for details.

The apple, grapefruit and orange balance the lemon and stops the oil from becoming too sharp. The lemongrass adds another dimension to the freshness. We couldn’t pick out the floral notes on their own but you can tell this is a quality, multi-layered fragrance, its not harsh or flat. We couldn’t detect the cinnamon or clove bud as noticeable notes, they just add to the complexity fragrance. We ask our customers to test our new fragrances to get a variety of opinions. One of our customers dislikes cinnamon loves this fragrance oil so the cinnamon is not noticeable. I think its safe to say this isn’t a spicy fragrance so don’t let the spices put you off trying it. 

You can buy a wax melt sample here.

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To buy the oil click here.

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